Girls on the Go

Thanks for stopping by! Girls on the Go is a fitness studio located at 82 Main Street, Suite 2 Kingston, MA.
GOTG is a non-competitive environment that believes in family and a  "belief in yourself" positive attitude focusing on clearing the mind of stress.

We feel raising a family takes devotion, love and commitment. Being a wife, mother and woman IS hard work.  Our promise: give us 60 minutes and you will leave our studio feeling better about yourself and having a great start or finish to your day.  

We often say, "If it was easy...EVERYONE would be

doing it, especially at 5am*...

 Its ALWAYS worth being here. *Incentives for coming at 5am:)

We've even added a men's Only yoga class for our fellas and they love it too. Have your guy try it out! It will help sore backs tight IT Bands, hami's and barking feet!

Wednesday's 8:30 PM Men's Only with GREG

At Girls on the Go we offer running/walking clinics (for free), TRX floor and suspension classes (9/14), Pilates, Hiit Classes, Muscle Madness Classes, Trigger Point-Foam rolling recovery classes, Yoga, Men's ONLY classes, Teen Yoga Classes, Teen TRX Classes, Weight Management Classes - "The Plan", Small Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Barre, and Body Bar Classes.


TRX and Yoga parties by appointment

Great for birthday and bridal parties.

call/text erin for any questions

781 738 1497

82 Main Street, Suite#2

Kingston, MA 02364


Order your Trigger Point today and be ready for Erin's TP Recovery Class.  This class blends yoga and pilates while breaking down fascia and allowing more blood flow to the body.  (Note:  Its not how hard you push on the foam roller its how you breathe to get maximum results) for a TP foam roller $40. Order it under online pmts.  TP

therapy is offered as

a specialty class.  Watch 

calendar for next class offered.


Live! Laugh! Love!

Girl on the Go YOUNG

The Gun Show

Join Marie on Saturday at 8:30am for nothing but Muscle Madness...

The Gun Show

Join Margo for Sunrise Yoga - Wednesday's at 5am and Pilates on Friday at 5am

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